Unnata Yoga. Because you seek more from your practice.

Discover the original Aerial Yoga method created by a Yogi, for Yogis.

In 2005 we birthed a movement of Yoga’s expansion into the air, and we continue to evolve the Unnata technique after 14+ years. Our body of wisdom has been built from the roots of Yogic tradition, and the shoots of aerial exploration.

The Unnata method is now a highly evolved aerial-inspired practice of Yoga, and like you, we’re still growing. Practitioners who value self-study over selfies choose Unnata Yoga because it’s not just asana in air – it’s a multidimensional education for your own evolution.

If you’re looking for a teacher who can guide you deeply into true practice, not just poses – a teacher with an authentic Yogic education, not just an aerial certification – come to an Unnata class. You’ll find Unnata trained teachers on 5 continents, from 34 countries and 21 US states, each teacher a dedicated Yogi with a passion to support personal growth.

Lean into the legacy of the Yoga tradition, and evolve your practice in the air.

More about the Unnata Class and Teacher Standards

The following posts in our blog can help you understand more about what makes Unnata Yoga different, and to learn about the high standards of quality that we build into our classes, and expect from our teachers.

What Students are Saying About Unnata Yoga

Unnata Yoga has been instrumental in my knee recovery. To stretch my body while supported by a hammock has given me agency in trauma recovery and balance improvement where physical therapy cannot. I didn’t actually realize I was holding trauma until I was in class scared to trust my leg to hold my weight. The practice has allowed me to work through this fear that affects my day to day.

Monica T.
on how Unnata Yoga has aided her trauma recovery and balance improvement .

I enjoyed how interactive this practice could be as well as the opportunity to find my center in a whole new way – not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. What better way to learn about yogic surrender and balance!

Caroline C.
on her experience in an Unnata Yoga class.

Yoga isn’t about being competitive or the bendy-est or the most graceful or the strongest. [Unnata] Aerial Yoga strips away what “gets in the way” in many yoga classes because it is just you, the apparatus and gravity.

Jolene H.
on her experience in an Unnata Yoga class

I truly loved every minute of the practice and the ending savasana within the cocoon was pure and absolute bliss!! When my foot hit the sidewalk out side your studio I felt taller and every step was effortless. My upper body was so light and lifted that my step felt so easy I almost bounced with each step!!

Stacy N.
Unnata Yoga student

Find a Class in the Unnata Method of Aerial Yoga

Unnata® Aerial Yoga instructors come from all over the world, and each brings a unique style and personality to the method. But wherever you go in the world, the Unnata® Aerial Yoga class you take will reflect the same Yogic principles of integrity, alignment, and discovery. Enjoy!

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Immersion Workshops

Immersion Workshop weekends are great for getting in some practice time before taking an Unnata teacher training, or for those looking to study aerial yoga deeper, without the desire to teach Unnata Aerial Yoga.

Nothing scheduled at this time, please check back soon.