The Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

The Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher training is a comprehensive, immersive, eight-day (65 hour) advanced yoga teacher training, specifically designed for previously certified yoga teachers.

Please Note: The Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program is available only to students who are already Certified Yoga Instructors. It is also highly recommended to have taken several aerial yoga or aerial acrobatics classes before attending the course.

After graduating from an Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher training course, you will have the skill and confidence to immediately teach your own well-sequenced, stimulating and creative Aerial Yoga classes. You’ll also belong to a pioneering, international community of innovative, fun, and sincere Yoga instructors.

Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata Yoga, has created a complete Aerial Yoga curriculum, drawing on valuable knowledge she has discovered from over 20 years of practicing, and over 15 years of teaching Yoga, in addition to creativity from years of being an aerial acrobatic performer. This curriculum will guide you to integrate the hammock as a prop into your existing yoga teaching and practice. You will discover a new relationship with gravity, deepen your understanding of alignment, and enhance Pranic flow.

Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Brooklyn, New York
Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Brooklyn, New York

Why Become an Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher?

Unnata Aerial Yoga is the established global leader for quality in the expanding field of “suspension training.” Unnata Yoga teachers are rigorously trained to deliver fun, safe, and innovative Aerial Yoga classes to diverse populations.


Unnata Yoga is grounded in authentic yogic discipline. With Unnata Yoga, you can refine your ability as a teacher to guide students to a true experience of Yoga. You can support your students to discover more correct physical alignment, invite fluidity and flexibility, access deeper strength and stamina, understand fundamentals of inversions, transform fears and self-doubt, and more. As a teacher, you can also integrate all of these lessons gained from the hammock to powerfully energize your traditional yoga asana teaching.

As an Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher, you are encouraged to integrate the hammock into your own teaching style. Whether you teach vinyasa, yin, restorative, power, hatha, partner, or your own unique method of Yoga, Unnata Yoga enlivens your classes and introduces new possibilities to play and deepen the practice. However you teach, you will discover how to work with the hammock as a teaching prop to provide that juicy relaxed and rejuvenated feeling you’ve come to know from truly great Yoga classes. Your students will have a blast and be challenged in their practice, and they’ll come back for more!

Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: St. Petersburg, Russia
Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: St. Petersburg, Russia

Even if you never teach an Unnata Aerial Yoga class after graduating, this course will make you a better yoga teacher. You’ll understand fine distinctions about your traditional practice that would take years of intensive study to realize in any other way. When inverting with the hammock, these distinctions become immediately obvious: surrendering to gravity pulls you into proper alignment, lengthens the spine, releases long-held patterns, opens pranic flow, and activates subtle strength.

As Aerial Yoga grows in popularity, more and more yoga studios, gyms, and movement schools are offering aerial classes and seeking qualified teachers. Becoming an Aerial Yoga teacher gives you an exceptional advantage; in the saturated field of yoga teachers, you can differentiate yourself with a unique and attractive offering.

It’s not surprising that Aerial Yoga teacher trainings are suddenly popping up everywhere – but not all of them will give you the necessary tools to teach proficiently. Some trainings focus on fitness, others on circus arts and performance; many will certify inexperienced individuals in a weekend workshop. Unnata Aerial Yoga is the only Aerial Yoga teacher training program with a worldwide reputation for training qualified yoga teachers, and offering authentic yoga using the hammock. No gimmicks; just pure yoga.

Unnata®. Real Yoga. Elevated.

Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Ciudad Real, Spain
Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Ciudad Real, Spain

The Course

This course teaches you not only what to do on the hammock, but also explains why you are doing it. When you understand the reasoning behind why to use the hammock, your curiosity will ignite and you can become your own guide for further inventions, even when unsupervised. Your Unnata Aerial Yoga class sequences will always be creative while helping your students continue to unfold on the path of self-discovery we lovingly call “Yoga.”

mihan-quoteThe Unnata Yoga training course is structured as both an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program, and for use as Yoga teacher continuing education. You need never teach an Unnata Aerial Yoga class to benefit from participating in the training course.

All Unnata Yoga teachers must be previously certified yoga teachers, but you can have minimal previous aerial experience.

You Will Learn To:

  • Teach and practice over 100 aerial asanas
  • Discover and create an infinite number of aerial asanas from your own creativity and the creativity of all Unnata Aerial Yoga instructors around the world
  • Safely guide students in and out of positions
  • Assist and spot students of all body types and abilities
  • Sequence full and balanced class plans that seamlessly transition from floor and aerial asanas, poses and counter poses, for a well-rounded Yoga practice
  • Incorporate the use of the hammock into the understanding of Yoga that you have already honed and perfected over the years
  • Apply the Yoga hammock to bring more awareness of subtle energetic aspects of Yoga, including bandhas, koshas, and more
  • Understand basic safety requirements for secure rigging & hanging your own Aerial Yoga hammock

Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata Aerial Yoga, has created a complete training curriculum to certify yoga instructors as Unnata teachers. She has trained a select group of exceptional Unnata instructors to train teachers on her behalf. You will receive the same quality curriculum and instruction whether you study directly with Michelle, or with one of her hand-picked protégés.

Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Turku, Finland
Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Turku, Finland

The course involves 65 hours of practice and instruction. You will participate in over 52 hours of hands-on instruction, plus a teaching practicum and final exam. Each student receives a detailed asana manual with photographs and space for your notes throughout. You will learn how to do the asanas, and work with your fellow student teachers to guide each other through each asana safely. You will learn the physical and energetic benefits, contra-indications, and cautions of each asana, and understand how to sequence them into a powerful Aerial Yoga class.

Near the end of the course, each student has an opportunity to teach a live practice class with students from the general public. This practicum is not a test, but a chance to practice your new teaching skills in a safe and supervised environment. You will also gain helpful feedback from the teacher, student teachers, and students in the class. In addition to teaching your own class, you will sit in on your fellow student’s classes, both as a student and as an observer. Students grow together and learn from one another, discovering what works really well, and what can be improved.

The course completes with a detailed written exam and a one-on-one oral exam with the teacher. This ensures that all certified Unnata Yoga teachers are proficient, and able to guide the general public safely through an Unnata Aerial Yoga class.

Unnata Aerial Yoga has built a reputation on quality of Yoga instruction. In order to uphold established standards, and in order to be granted the limited license for teaching Unnata Aerial Yoga, you must take 100% of the training (no partial days allowed) and you must pass the final exam.

Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Tokyo, Japan
Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Tokyo, Japan

After Graduation from the Course

Upon graduating from the Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, you will belong in the international community of Unnata Aerial Yoga instructors, and you can immediately begin to teach Unnata Aerial Yoga!

ay-south-africaUnnata Yoga is not a franchise, but does use a limited license agreement in order to legally allow teachers to call themselves Unnata Aerial Yoga instructors.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • The cost of the license for the first year is included in the price of tuition
  • Optional renewal every year thereafter (no obligation)
  • Low renewal price
  • No royalty fees
  • Your contact information easily found on the website
  • On-going support from Unnata Aerial Yoga teachers community for whenever you have a question on safety, technique, Yoga business issues, hammock installation, etc.

Please contact: for any questions regarding the teacher-training program or the limited license agreement.

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