Just for Yoga Studio Owners!

Aerial Yoga is one of the fastest growing styles of Yoga today. If you’re considering offering Aerial Yoga at your location, it makes sense to host your own Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, just for you and your teachers.

You’ll get…

  • Multiple qualified, well-trained teachers
  • The ease of studying at your location, at your convenience
  • Personalized, thorough training for your unique needs
  • Real yoga training; not just tricks & gimmicks
  • Freedom to mold the Unnata Aerial Yoga technique to your teaching style
  • The most comprehensive Aerial Yoga training developed specifically for Yoga instructors

In addition, you’ll have…

  • No obligation to label your classes “Unnata”
  • No franchise agreements

Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata Aerial Yoga, will work with your budget, your studio’s scheduling needs, and your desired exclusivity level so that you can choose the highest-quality and most comprehensive Aerial Yoga training available today.

Bring the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training to you, and you’ll save on travel expenses, accommodation, and spare yourself the hassle of trying to manage your Yoga studio from a distance.

You could fly halfway across the country to take an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, but you’d come home to realize you’re the only one at your studio qualified to teach! What will you do when you need a sub? Who will be there to offer extra classes when yours are full to capacity?

As a studio owner, you know you can’t do it all by yourself. You’ll need extra teachers, and it’s an overwhelming task to train them. Most studio owners just don’t have the time, energy, or experience to do it properly. It’s much easier to hire a professional Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainer. 

Michelle Dortignac has been facilitating Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher trainings all over the world for over 5 years, and teaching Unnata Aerial Yoga classes for almost a decade. She created and refined the Unnata Yoga technique from her 20+ years of Yogic studies and aerial arts training.  Michelle Dortignac’s Unnata Yoga Teacher Training is the most thorough and professional Aerial Yoga training anywhere in the world today.

You could attend a less-comprehensive Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and learn a few fun poses, but you and your students would miss the depth and quality of Yoga instruction that’s available with this unique art. The Unnata Yoga technique isn’t just a few playful poses; it’s a fully developed style of Hatha Yoga that emphasizes alignment, breath, energetic benefits of aerial asana, integration with traditional floor asana, and Yogic wisdom.

With your Unnata Aerial Yoga license, you’ll also get access to an international community of teachers who will be there to support you beyond the initial training: they’ll share their creativity, and answer your questions about rigging, safety, special student cases, and more.

Why Offer Unnata® Aerial Yoga at Your Studio?

Be Ahead of the Competition

Be the first studio in your area offering Aerial Yoga. It’s still a relatively new discipline, rapidly growing in popularity. More people are looking to take Aerial Yoga classes, and only a handful of studios sprinkled across the country offer it. Looking for the perfect niche to differentiate your studio? Aerial Yoga helps you rise above the others.

Broaden Your Client Base

Introduce a new slice of the population to your studio, and to the benefits of Yoga.  Aerial Yoga appeals to more than just dedicated yogis. Many who come to an Aerial Yoga class have never tried Yoga before! You can expand your reach and attract a whole new clientele: they’ll come for Aerial, but stay for Yoga.

Create Loyal Students

Aerial Yoga revitalizes a studio, enhances all your offerings, and creates devoted students. Not only will your Unnata Aerial Yoga classes thrive – the enthusiasm generated will energize your entire studio – students, teachers and classes.

Although we believe after taking this course you and your teachers will be proud to call yourself Unnata® Aerial Yoga instructors, the beauty of this program is that your studio maintains your freedom and autonomy. Unnata Yoga is not a franchise: there is no obligation to name your Aerial Yoga classes “Unnata” classes, there are no prescribed sequences you must adhere to, and there are no royalty/franchise fees. There is just thorough and professional training on how to teach Yoga with this new and powerful Yoga assistance tool.

Requirements to Host a Teacher Training:

  • Minimum 4 students/Maximum 7 students per 8-day training
  • All students must be pre-certified yoga instructors, some aerial experience is recommended
  • Limited License usage or non-usage agreement will be applied

Interested in hosting an Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training for your studio?

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