Secrets of Unnata Aerial Yoga, ONLINE Workshop

For the first time, we’re taking select secrets from the Unnata method and teacher training course and sharing them with you!

Date: Sunday, July 24, 2022
Time: 12:00-3:00pm (NYC time zone = UTC -4)
Instructor: Michelle Dortignac
Location: Online Course
Education Investment: $125

Workshop includes:

  • Three hour livestream workshop
  • Unlimited access to video archive of this workshop
  • Slide-deck download of workshop outline/highlights
  • Complimentary access to 2 supporting classes from the Unnata online video library:
    • Full Unnata Aerial Yoga class (one hour class taught by Michelle)
    • Full Pranayama class (one hour class led by Michelle; exercises to develop breath awareness and control)

About This Special Workshop

In this 3-hour online workshop, you’ll learn what’s at the heart of the Unnata method, our “special sauce” so to speak, and you’ll learn how to apply it to your own aerial yoga practice and teaching.

Enhance and expand what you have previously learned on your own, or from a different aerial yoga course, with these foundations taken from the official Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher training.

Why Unnata?

Unnata is a method, and it’s a method that moves with you.

Whatever form your practice takes, and however experienced you are with yoga, the Unnata method will expand your capacity to observe, then release unhelpful patterns for you and your students, like postural misalignment, breath imbalance, mental stress and lack of ease with one’s Self.

You can explore Unnata on the floor, suspended in the aerial hammock, seated on your meditation cushion, lying in bed… or doing the dishes.

Unnata is a way of witnessing the world and yourself, and bringing heightened presence to any moment. It’s not a fitness class – Unnata is Yoga.

I love Unnata deeply and I have learned so much about myself and improved my teaching in all things, not just aerial… I am very grateful for all you have taught me and I am hungry for more!

Megan T, Sacramento, CA, USA

About Michelle Dortignac

Michelle Dortignac approaches her work like an artist constantly refining her creation. As a professional dancer, choreographer, aerialist and yoga teacher, she developed Unnata in the spirit of inquisitive self-discovery and yogic evolution. She continues to expand the Unnata method, drawing from her 30+ years of study, practice and teaching yoga and movement arts.

Michelle demystifies complex yogic concepts so you can understand and apply them in your daily life. And she trains yoga teachers how to observe, how to listen, and how to guide students to move beyond their limits and arrive at their own “ah-ha” moments of clarity.

What a transformative training experience you provided! I am still processing the miraculous improvements in my body – I truly haven’t felt this aligned, mobile and grounded (yet elevated!) since middle school – and you helped me reconnect with yoga in a broader and deeper sense as well.

Augusta F/R, New York, NY, USA

A Personal Message from Michelle Dortignac

In a way, I’ve been developing this workshop for over 30 years. Through my entire yoga career, in every movement and by every breath, I’ve gained fundamental insights that empower my personal practice, and which make up the heart of the Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher training program.

I’ve now distilled my most fundamental insights into a three-hour workshop called “Secrets of Unnata Aerial Yoga.” In this workshop we’ll clarify the foundations of yoga asana, and see them in a new way — to expand what you already know and have learned, and to provide a fresh understanding that will help facilitate a future of learning, both in the air and on the floor.

I’m super excited to share my experience and insights with you in this special workshop. Hope to see you there!

Michelle Dortignac

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