Level 3 – St. Petersburg, Russia

Unnata® Aerial Yoga Level 3 Teacher Training
Thursday, February 11 – Sunday February 14, 2020
9:30-18:30 with 1.5 hour lunch break

Instructor: Michelle Dortignac

Language: English with Russian translation

Location: Aerial Yoga Centre, Prospect Ispitateley 37, Business Center Miller, St. Petersburg, Russia, 197349

Tuition Prices
All tuition prices are listed in US dollars.
Full Course: $740 or $655 if pay in full by January 12, 2021

$185 deposit to reserve a place; deposits/early-bird tuitions refundable through January 8, 2021
* All refunds will be in US dollars, and reduced by any bank fees already incurred.

Single Days: $185
Single day sales begin January 13, 2021, and are subject to availability


The Advanced Level 3 course is exclusively for teachers who took the Unnata Aerial Yoga level 1 and level 2 courses. The Level 1 course taught you the basics of aerial yoga and the foundation of the Unnata method. The Level 2 course gives loads of new material to help you and your students deepen your practice and understanding of Unnata Aerial Yoga. The intention for the Level 3 course is to help you understand how to keep developing your Unnata Aerial Yoga practice and teaching from your own creativity, while maintaining your connection to the larger community of Unnata Aerial Yoga teachers. Individual explorations can unintentionally make us drift away from a larger group-think. And, Unnata teachers are each individuals who come from different cultural backgrounds and different Yoga lineages. How can we honor our personal growth while staying in step with our colleagues and benefit from a larger collective conscious? In this course, we’ll dive below the surface layers of a Yoga practice, and work more on the deep connections – connections of Asana to Asana, connections between breaths, connections between floor and air, and heart and mind connections with our colleagues. We’ll also work with the most current themes and challenges Michelle Dortignac is exploring with the Yoga hammock.

Projected Syllabus (subject to modification):

  • Day 1: Group Class, Level 2 Material Exploration and Review, Dissecting a Traditional Yoga Class Sequence
  • Day 2: Group Class, Effectively Mixing Floor Asana with Aerial Asana, Dosha Sequencing, Tying the Breath to Relax, Realign, Rebuild
  • Day 3: Group Class, Interaction with our Environment, Squeeze vs. Support, Awareness Expansion
  • Day 4: Group Class, New Aerial Asana, Fostering Community and Creativity.

This course will count for 30 CEC contact hours with the Yoga Alliance.

Please contact either Olga Elkina or Michelle Dortignac for registration: millie2008@list.ru or michelle@aerialyoga.com

Please contact Michelle Dortignac with any questions about the course: michelle@aerialyoga.com

Please contact Olga Elkina at Aerial Yoga Centre with any questions about the location and amenities: info@unnata-rus.ru
Or, visit the Miller Center website.


Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg, Russia
Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg, Russia