I could not recommend Unnata more, especially for those who need to connect with their unique body mechanics and alignment (which is most people!). Unnata made me understand and love yoga poses I have hated for years by allowing me to do a pose supported and therefore correctly. Honestly, it allowed me to really enjoy vinyasa for the first time – something I always felt I should enjoy more having done yoga since I was six.

The practice has also been instrumental in my knee recovery. To stretch my body while supported by a hammock has given me agency in trauma recovery and balance improvement where physical therapy cannot. I didn’t actually realize I was holding trauma until I was in class scared to trust my leg to hold my weight. The practice has allowed me to work through this fear that affects my day to day.
— Monica T., Unnata Student, NYC

I had the privilege to take a private session with you and 7 other yogini\’s last Saturday, on May 1st. I wanted to thank you so very much for the experience and time of laughter and joy our group felt as a whole. I truly loved every minute of the practice and the ending savasane within the cocoon was pure and absolute bliss!! When my foot hit the sidewalk out side your studio I felt taller and every step was effortless. My upper body was so light and lifted that my step felt so easy I almost bounced with each step!!

— Stacy N.

The next two days [after the Aerial Yoga class] I felt my body, particularly the lines of my torso, in a way I have not experienced in sometime. It was GREAAAAAT!

— Gina Jackson, Gina Jackson Personal Fitness

In short, the whole experience is low-pressure but THRILLING, and an unusual way to explore the limits of your comfort zone. If you’ve not yet mastered inversions/headstands in floor-work yoga, there’s no better place to get a foretaste of the sublime state of being upside-down! I for one now want hang there all day — like a serene, surreptitious Bat.

— Ciesse Q. (via Yelp review)


I just wanted to make sure to tell you how amazing last Saturday’s class was and even though it was so new to me, I felt strong and happy at the end of it. You have created an absolutely magical and amazing practice and I feel so lucky to have found it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Maggie H.

How can you do yoga, something that is so grounding, hanging off of the ground?

Well actually as soon as I was on the [fabric trapeze] I felt an “ahh” in my body, and an “ah-ha” in my mind. AND I was hanging backwards! Aerial Yoga can give you the deepest stretch you will ever feel, but also you ARE working with being grounded, and at times of letting GO of that grounding. Letting go… Ahh!

— Amelia A.

If you’re looking for a unique yoga experience, this is it! It’s not often you get to giggle and laugh out loud in a yoga class. If you think you have limited flexibility, be prepared to discover that you may have more than you think. If you’re flexible, be prepared to find your strength.

I enjoyed how interactive this practice could be as well as the opportunity to find my center in a whole new way – not just physically but mentally and spritiually as well. What better way to learn about yogic surrender and balance!

— Caroline C.

Michelle is a great teacher, I’ve learned how to open my shoulders in very powerful and unique ways.

— Frank H.


Yoga isn’t about being competitive or the bendy-est or the most graceful or the strongest. Aerial yoga strips away what “gets in the way” in many yoga classes because it is just you, the apparatus and gravity.

— Jolene H.

We really enjoyed your class while we were visiting NYC!… The Aerial Yoga class was amazing! Being suspended allowed me to experience deep backbends in a supported way that I had never felt before. The opening in my body was incredible. In a regular yoga class, supported postures are generally restorative in nature, and you leave feeling rested. In Aerial Yoga, you get to experience all kinds of postures in a supported way—backbends, forward bends, inversions, twists—and you leave the class feeling refreshed, relaxed, AND invigorated. With a light heart and down-to-earth teaching style, Michelle Dortignac does an excellent job demonstrating possible poses and also encourages her students to explore what their bodies feel like doing—a perfect combination of guidance and support. I can hardly wait until Aerial Yoga makes its way to the west coast!

— Jen W., Phoenix, AZ

Since going through lumbar spinal fusion back surgery 2 years ago, I worked hard and regained my conditioning, but struggled to find the agility and flexibility I had before the injury. I ran, lifted weights, and performed daily stretching, but nothing seemed to do the trick. After finding a flyer on Aerial Yoga, I gave it a try.

On the first night, I knew I had found the missing piece of the puzzle. For the first time in two years, I was able to try a backward bend, with the gentle help of gravity, that I had been been scared to work on on the ground. This class has helped my spinal flexibility so much, that I now have the new goal of being able to do a full backbend on the ground by summer, something I never thought I would do again, and I get closer with every aerial yoga class.

— dori frame, 3-time WNBF World Champion Drug-Free Bodybuilder

Michelle is able to unburden your mind to the point of levitation when she teaches you standing on good old mother earth. By raising your body a few feet, they get to meet again under totally liberated circumstance. The removal of classic physical strains makes aerial yoga a wonderful introduction to movement, and provides revelation for the seasoned practitioner.

— Chris B., Wolfe Island, ON, CA