Unnata Yoga: Hammocks Used in Harmony

Unnata founder Michelle Dortignac was recently interviewed for the September 2018 edition of British magazine “In The Moment, mindful ways to live your life well”.

Author Alice Whitehead writes of Unnata Yoga that “the hammocks are used in harmony with more traditional, static yoga poses, in a more yin style, to achieve proper posture through relaxation rather than effort.”

That’s a wonderful description; the author really understood the difference that Michelle has created with Unnata Yoga.

Michelle elaborates in the article, “I wanted to create a method that worked for the average person, not just for athletes. I don’t think of yoga and aerial yoga as being different from each other – we integrate floor and air and reap the benefits of both. The sensation of hanging gives lightness to the heart somehow. It brings me joy.”

See entire article here (PDF).

Podcast: On and Off the Mat Interview with Michelle Dortignac

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Recently, Michelle was interviewed by Erika Belanger of the On and Off Your Mat podcasts. In this interview, Michelle dives deep into what brought her to aerial yoga, how it has changed over the years, as well as some benefits and safety precautions.
Here is a link to the podcast episode on Erika’s blog: Podcast Episode 9: Are you up for Aerial Yoga?

And you can listen to the episode here:

Shanghai Daily,上海日报 takes a look into Unnata® Aerial Yoga

Unnata® Aerial Yoga is thrilled that Michelle Dortignac has been interviewed in ShanghaiDaily.com. In the interview Michelle explains her reasoning behind starting Unnata® Aerial Yoga, how it has grown throughout the years and its numerous health benefits. In the article Michelle also explains how Unnata® is specifically different from other kinds of popular aerial yoga classes, keeping the authentic traditions of yoga at the forefront of the method.

“When I first started working with an aerial apparatus, I could feel how it was helping support my yoga training,” recalled Dortignac.

“Aerial yoga can help a student develop what is necessary to eventually be able to do a headstand without the hammock assisting them,” explained Dortignac. “I think of the hammock as I do other tools used in yoga classes such as bolsters, blocks and belts.”

Read the original article by ZHU Jing on the Shanghai Daily.com website

Unnata Aerial Yoga Featured in DOYOUYOGA!

Unnata Aerial Yoga has been featured as number 2 of the 8 new styles of Yoga “You Need to Try!”

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.30.20 PM

“Aerial yoga has definitely caught on in the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. Who wouldn’t love to invert with ease, with the added bonus of feeling weightless?

Unnata Aerial Yoga got the Aerial ball rolling, and is a traditional yoga asana class that uses a hammock hung from the ceiling to help you with many of the traditional floor postures. Sometimes your body is partially supported by the hammock, and sometimes it’s supported fully.

Give this awesome style of yoga a try the next time you get a chance, and find Unnata Aerial Yoga.”

See the full article on the DOYOUYOGA website.

Michelle Dortignac and Unnata Yoga Featured in Yoga Journal

Michelle Dortignac and Unnata Yoga have been featured in TWO articles in this month’s edition (July/Aug 2015) of Yoga Journal magazine!

Michelle Dortignac and Unnata Yoga Featured in Yoga Journal

It’s so exciting to see how Aerial Yoga has grown to become a lasting and legitimate example of the many new faces of Traditional Yoga.

For almost 10 years now, Unnata Yoga has strived to remain a true Yoga class at its core — a class which incorporates the use of the silk aerial apparatus to expand and compliment the traditional floor practice.

In the FIRST article, entitled Learn to Fly with Aerial Yoga, Yoga Journal writer Karen Macklin explores the ways in which an Aerial Yoga practice such as Unnata Aerial Yoga can help practitioners “find more length 
in your spine and safe 
in your poses” on the floor.

One of the most important points emphasized by our own Michelle Dortignac, is the way in which Aerial Yoga can support and inform your floor practice. “When a new student drapes over the hammock, in Down Dog, for example, gravity does the work for them,” she says. “The hammock helps with lengthening and creating internal space. Once we give students that feeling in the hammock, they’ll have the memory of what that was like, and take it with them to their floor practice.”

The SECOND article was written by Michelle Dortignac herself — especially for this edition of Yoga Journal magazine.


In The Aerial Yoga Sequence: 9 Poses to Defy Gravity, Michelle takes us through the process for warming up to, and preparing to get into the hip-opening One-Legged King Pigeon Pose.

This article also features Colorado-based Unnata Teacher (and Unnata Teacher Training leader) Raven Clemente demonstrating Michelle’s 9-step sequence for warming up to, and getting into the One-Legged King Pigeon pose.

See full article, and all pictures here. »

aerial-4 aerial_275_15_FNL Raven

(Photos for Yoga Journal by Joe Hancock)

Unnata Featured in Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal May 2014 CoverUnnata Aerial Yoga was featured as one of New York City’s “classes to check out” in the May 2014 issue of Yoga Journal. What an honor!

Ours is one of only 2 classes selected for all of New York!

By the way, we also highly recommend the other featured class – Nite Sweats®, at friend-of-Unnata, Bikram Lower East Side.

Thanks Yoga Journal, for recognizing us both among the thousands of Yoga classes in NYC.

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Unnata Yoga Featured in: Lux Bond & Green


Unnata Aerial Yoga was featured in the 2013 Fall/Winter issue of ACCENT: The Magazine of Life’s Celebrations by LUX BOND & GREEN.

Reporter Elise Diamante took an Unnata Aerial Yoga class at Sacred Sounds Yoga in NYC, and interviewed Michelle afterwards.

You can click on the images below to enlarge the article to read it.

Unnata Yoga Featured in Yoga & Ayurveda Magazine

Yoga-Ayurveda-May-2013-CoverUnnata Yoga has been featured on the cover on Yoga & Ayurveda Magazine, an online magazine based in Madrid, Spain!

In an extensive interview, founder Michelle Dortignac answers questions about the origins, benefits, and differences of Unnata Aerial Yoga.

You can see/read the entire Yoga & Ayurveda article here (in spanish).

Or scroll down to read the interview in english.

What is Unnata Aerial Yoga?

Unnata Aerial Yoga combines a traditional Hatha Yoga class with the use of a Yoga hammock prop to assist students with elongation of the spine and proper alignment so that they can find Yoga.

There are other styles like antigravity yoga, aerial yoga, yoga swim… that uses hammock; What is the difference between, these yoga styles and Unnata?

I am not familiar with all the styles/brands that use a Yoga hammock, so I can only make a very general observation: Unnata Aerial Yoga enhances a traditional Hatha Yoga class, but does not attempt to replace it. Many of the movements and/or exercises of Unnata Aerial Yoga continuously reinforce deep breathing and the stilling of the mind that allows for Yoga to arise.

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Unnata Aerial Yoga: Nippon Television – Woman on the Planet

JAPAN / Nippon Television
Woman on the Planet (Feb 2013)

Nippon TV (one of the major networks in Japan) has featured Unnata Aerial Yoga, and Sacred Sounds Yoga in New York City, in their weekly reality show / documentary entitled: “Woman on the Planet”!

The program features a female individual that has decided to come to a foreign country to start her second life; pursuing her dreams and ambitions. In addition to following her daily life, the program introduces some aspects of daily living in her country of choice. The female subject (Asuka Sato) is interested in organic, vegeterian/vegan foods and yoga.

The timing of this piece couldn’t be better, as we’ve just scheduled an Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Japan!

Unnata Yoga teacher Misato Taniguchi of Aerial Yoga Japan will be hosting this Teacher Training program in Tokyo, and we are so very excited to be working with her there in her home town. More information can be found on the Tokyo Teacher Training page of this website.

Yoi ichi nichi wo!

Michelle Dortignac (and Unnata) Recognized By Alma Mater

Cornell Alum MagI’m honored to be one of two alumni featured in the Alumni Profiles of the Cornell Alumni Magazine this month.

Cornell University student Jillian Knowles (’15) interviewed me to find a few interesting and inspiring tidbits about the Unnata Aerial Yoga technique and this Cornell Alum of ’91.

…Dortignac splits her time between teaching at a studio in Manhattan’s West Village and training other yoga enthusiasts to become instructors in her discipline. Unnata Aerial Yoga is now offered around the globe, including in Brazil, Italy, Germany, and Russia. “People should never be satisfied with just a plain old fitness class,” Dortignac says. “Go for something that will change your whole life, not just the shape of your body.”

See Full Article in Cornell Alumni Magazine. »
(It’s the second article on the page.)