Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Graduates

We’ve been meaning to post a few pictures of some of the recent Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training graduates — so here are pictures of the three most recent Teacher Training sessions, taken in July, August, and December of 2010:

July 2010 Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Graduates (above, left to right):
Pik Chu Wong (Campbell, CA), Gloria Lee Nash (Monroe, CT), Michelle Dortignac (founder), Angela Alfieri (US Virgin Islands), Megan Kroh (Seattle, WA), Kristina Sorensen (Las Vegas, NV), and Chelsey Estridge [not pictured] (Playa Maderas, Nicaragua)

August 2010 Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Graduates (above, left to right):
Michelle Dortignac (founder), Son Nguyen (Windsor, Ontairo), Wendi Lynch (Honolulu, HI), Ellen Waylonis May (Boston, MA), Carly Bowden (Johannesburg, South Africa), Julie Swart (Johannesburg, South Africa)

December 2010 Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Graduates (above, left to right):
Nicole LaRossi (Statesboro, GA), Heather Shafer (Lewes, DE), Michelle Dortignac (founder), Tanya Popovich (Athens, Greece), Toni Chianetta (Ramsey, NJ)

Unnata Aerial Yoga in The Williamsburg Greenpoint News+Arts

Hey everybody, Unnata Aerial Yoga has been featured in, and on the cover of, this month’s Williamsburg Greenpoint News+Arts!

Writer Stacey Brook’s article entitled “OMMMG: So Many Yoga Studios in the Neighborhood,” explores the many fine Yoga studios in the local Williamsburg/Greenpoint neighborhoods.

In the section about Unnata, Brook describes Aerial Yoga founder Michelle Dortignac as being “supportive, encouraging, and sharp-witted,” recalling an exchange with a fellow student in which Dortignac reassured — “The more you get used to it, the less scary it is. Kind of like living in New york.”

You can read the whole article online at

Unnata Advanced Workshops at the Yoga Studio in Campbell, CA

Unnata Aerial Yoga with Michelle Dortignac

Come and “hang” out with Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata Aerial Yoga, to gain a deeper understanding of Unnata Aerial Yoga and moving beyond the basics into some Intermediate and advance Aerial poses.

Jan 22 1:00pm – 5:00pm Unnata Aerial Yoga and Your Chakras
Have you ever felt a jolt, a twitch, or a sudden drop in body temperature while resting in Corpse Pose at the end of your Yoga class? If so, you experienced a movement of Prana (Energy) through what Yogis call the “Energy Body”. In this workshop, we will learn more about the Energy Body and its 7 main intersections called “Chakras”. All students, beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, will be able to feel and understand this subtle side of the Hatha Yoga practice through simple exercises that use the Aerial Yoga hammock.

Jan 22 5:45pm – 6:30pm Donation-based Aerial Performance
Enjoy some light refreshments and attend a donation-based Aerial Yoga Performance by Michelle Dortignac. Not only is Michelle a great Yoga teacher she is an incredible Aerial performer.

Jan 23 1:00pm – 5:00pm Unnata Aerial Yoga – Beyond the Basics
This workshop will focus on Intermediate and Advanced Unnata Aerial Yoga postures. With a slow, methodical progression, we will learn these more physically challenging postures and exercises in a safe manner, even when the fun of the challenge excites us! We will also learn how Intermediate and Advanced Unnata Aerial Yoga postures relate to and support your traditional Yoga practice.

$100 for a single workshop or $185 for both workshops.

Location and Registration for both Workshops:

The Yoga Studio
505 E. Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008

408-634-YOGA (9642)

Register early since size of the class is limited by the number of hammocks.

Unnata Aerial Yoga YouTube Channel

Hey! We’ve just launched a YouTube channel for Unnata Aerial Yoga!

In this first video, I demonstrate and explain the benefits of aerial baddha konasana (cobbler’s pose). This video shows how the aerial version of baddha konasana both compliments and helps deepen a student’s understanding of the floor version of the pose.

Stay tuned for more videos!

New Yoga Studio Offering Unnata Aerial Yoga in the Bay Area, CA

Thanks to Pik Chu Wong, Unnata Aerial Yoga will soon be taught in the Bay area of California. Pik Chu, like all Unnata Yoga instructors, is a seasoned Yogini and Yoga instructor of her own right. I’m always excited to introduce Unnata to other Yoga teachers, but it is especially flattering when someone with as much teaching experience as Pik Chu embraces the technique.

Pik Chu recently came to New York City to train with me, and graduated from the Unnata Teacher Training program with ease. Now she is opening her own Yoga center in Campbell, CA, and I hope you’ll go check it out! If you know anyone in the Bay Area, be sure to tell them about Pik Chu’s place, called The Yoga Studio. Even though the grand opening is scheduled for October 23, you don’t have to wait. Classes actually begin on September 27.

For more information:
The Yoga Studio
505 E. Campbell Avenue
Campbell, CA
408-534-YOGA (9642)
[email protected]

Yoga Wisdom in Everyday Life


Here’s a quiz for you.

Can you match the following quotes with their sources?


1) “You can’t lose your power; you can only give it away.”
2) “Power is not created from staying safe; power comes from the willingness to leave the world of safety and move forward into the unknown.”
3) “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”


a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Anodea Judith
c) RuPaul

I tell you, you can find Yoga wisdom everywhere – in scholars, in politicians, and even in television personalities.

I encourage you to seek out your own personal inspiration 3 times today, as often as you take your meals. Feed your spirit as much as you feed your body.

My personal inspirations from the above quiz regarding power came from these 3 sources:
the book “Eastern Body, Western Mind,” the television show, “Drag U,” and a general search on the internet for quotes about individual power.

Oh, and here’s the answers to the above quiz:

(1) c, (2) b, (3) a

Be well, and Namaste,


Frommer’s Travel Guide: Unnata Aerial Yoga – One of New York City’s Best Yoga Studios

We’re thoroughly thrilled! Frommer’s Travel Guide has listed Unnata Aerial Yoga as one of New York City’s Best Yoga Studios!

Unnata Aerial Yoga is in some good company in the Frommer’s guide, being featured alongside such greats as Laughing Lotus Yoga, Dharma Yoga Center (Michelle takes classes at Dharma’s), Jivamukti Yoga, OM Yoga (Michelle received her Yoga training at OM), Kula Yoga Project, Integral Yoga Institute, and Virayoga.

Frommer’s’ Melinda Quintero says…

Unnata Aerial Yoga - one of NYC's Best Yoga Studios
Unnata Aerial Yoga - one of NYC's Best Yoga Studios

Take the L train one stop into Brooklyn on a Tuesday night or a Saturday afternoon for Michelle Dortignac’s Aerial Yoga, a unique hybrid of yoga and aerial dance. Dortignac blends basic aerial acrobatics with yoga to give students a deeper stretch, powerful core exercises, and a weightless yet fully supported inversion.

The article also mentions that there are over 300 yoga studios in NYC, compared to only 170 Starbucks.

Grande Yogaccino anybody?

See the entire “New York City’s Best Yoga Studios” list here »