Unnata Aerial Yoga Featured in American Fitness Magazine

This is a fantastic article and a must read! Journalist, Zoie Clift, asked some really interesting questions that help to highlight what exactly is the difference between Unnata Aerial Yoga and some of the other “Aerial Yoga” classes out there.

Here’s an opportunity to look deeper into the physical practice of Unnata Aerial Yoga and Yoga in general.

According to Dortignac, some people think that this practice aims to replace traditional yoga. “Rather, it’s trying to enhance a traditional practice,” she clarified. “Most people are surprised to find we practice floor yoga asanas in class in addition to using the hammock prop. The air and the floor are not mutually exclusive – they are complements to teach other. Yin and Yang. To have a fully enriched yoga practice we need both.”

Thanks so much, Zoie!

Click here to read/see the whole article (PDF format)

First Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Conducted in Spanish

Montse Lominchar of the Yoga Sadhana in Ciudad Real, Spain will soon be leading the first Spanish Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training.

Last Fall, I had the pleasure of visiting the Yoga Sadhana, and got to see first-hand how beautiful it is. Montse is truly a wonderful Yoga teacher, and a very warm person. Don’t miss out! If you are interested in this teacher training, or know someone who would be interested, be sure to send them her way.

Here’s the details:
Date: June 29 to July 7, 2012
Price: 990 €.
Place: Yogasadhana, Ciudad Real- Spain
For more information: www.yogasadhana.es

Unnata Aerial Yoga at the Nantucket Yoga Festival

This summer, I’ll be traveling to Nantucket, MA for the Nantucket Yoga Festival to teach Unnata Aerial Yoga classes. Not many Yoga festivals have the capability of hanging hammocks, so I’m quite excited for this opportunity. I’ll also be contributing to the performance part of the opening ceremonies. It’s possible to rig any aerial apparatus in the venue, so I’m considering bringing an act that is a little less Yoga, a little more spectacle, just for fun.

“Yoga In NY” Photo Project

Last Fall, I was lucky enough to be a part of a huge photo art project entitled “Yoga In New York.” The photographs are by Artist and Yogi, Wari Ananda from Barcelona, Spain. I had a really good time meeting other NYC Yogis and doing Yoga in the park. You can’t tell from the photos, but it was really cold that day! Check out the stunning photography, and thanks, Wari, for inviting me to join you.

Unnata Aerial Yoga Mini-Class #1

In an Unnata Aerial Yoga class we use a slow progression of postures and movements to gently introduce your body to the hammock. Through this slow progression, your body and mind both are prepared to fully release and enjoy the benefits of hanging once you get there.

In the mini-class video below, I demonstrate what could be the first 15 minutes to an Unnata Aerial Yoga class – before we would get to hanging upside-down.

Although the video does not show a complete class, it is shot in real-time, (one long take) so you can get a sense of how classes truly flow. This way, you get a chance to see what types of postures we actually do in Unnata Aerial Yoga classes as well as how long we hold positions and some of the reasons why we do what we do.

Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Studio in Campbell, CA

Want to learn how to instruct Unnata Aerial Yoga? Can’t get to any of the teacher training dates taught by Unnata Aerial Yoga founder, Michelle Dortignac? Don’t fret! You do have other opportunities to enroll in an Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher training program. In fact, there is one coming up very soon led by Pik Chu Wong at the Yoga Studio in Campbell, CA. The training is split up over 2 long weekends, March 8- March 11 + April 5- April 8, 2012. Contact Pik Chu at the Yoga Studio for more information and for enrollment.

Unnata Aerial Yoga Now in Manhattan

Hi All,

The super exciting news for this month is the collaboration between Unnata Aerial Yoga and Sacred Sounds Yoga/Tai Chi studio in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

The Sacred Sounds studio is brand new, and opening its doors this Thursday, November 3, conveniently located at 163 Bleeker Street (2nd floor). The space is GORGEOUS; truly, you must see it.

Here is the teaching schedule for Michelle Dortignac:

Mondays, 6-7:15pm – Basics level Unnata Aerial Yoga
Mondays, 7:30-8:45pm – Int/Adv Level Unnata Aerial Yoga
Thursdays, 6-7:15pm – Int/Adv level Unnata Aerial Yoga
Thursdays, 7:30-8:45pm – Basics level Unnata Aerial Yoga

And, there are many, many other classes; check the Sacred Sounds website for the full Yoga and Unnata Aerial Yoga schedule.

Sacred Sounds is opening THIS Thursday, November 3. Spread the word!

Sacred Sounds is also offering a “Bring a Friend for Free” special through the end of 2011. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce your friends to Unnata Aerial Yoga, or to attend a class yourself, if you have not yet tried it. All you have to do is mention the “Bring a Friend” deal at the front desk when you come:

Please feel free to pass this information on to your friends. We have room for twice as many students as at the Williamsburg location, all without needing to share hammocks. There is room enough for everybody, so don’t wait for the New Year’s resolution rush! Be sure to start taking classes this Fall.

Namaste and Enlighten Up, Everyone!

Michelle Dortignac

12 New Unnata Aerial Yoga Teachers; Cuidad Real, Spain, October 2011

Pictured (left to right, top to bottom): Inna Bichikova (Russia), Kyriaki Siakavara (Greece), Oier Estankona (Spain), Blanca Pliego (Spain), Olga Gunina (Russia), Rosalba Salvatorelli (Italy), Hester Koldeweij (Holland), Andrea Ashley Ellsworth (Canada), Sylvana Carrara (California), Ageliki Benissi (Greece), Sheila Falk (Austria), Ioanna Paterakis (Greece), Luis Soldevila (Madrid/Interpreter), Michelle Dortignac (Brooklyn/Founder Unnata Aerial Yoga), and Montse Lominchar (Ciudad Real, Spain/Our hostess).

Wow! The Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Cuidad Real, Spain couldn’t have gone better!

Our host Montse Lominchar (Unnata Arial Yoga Teacher) and husband Alvaro welcomed us and 12 other Unnata trainees to their beautiful Yoga studio in Cuidad Real, Spain (Yogasadhana.es).

Montse and Alvaro also made me feel right at home in their home for the duration of my stay there.

We had 12 students fly in to Ciudad Real, from all across Europe and beyond! Almost everyone spoke English well enough, but for those who didn’t, we had the amazing Luis Soldevila as our interpreter/translator.

Thank you everyone! You are all awesome! Congratulations on becoming Unnata Aerial Yoga teachers!