4 Yoga Hybrids You Might Want to Try

Even though we know our yoga practice will help us feel better both physically and mentally, sometimes our motivation and dedication slips due to the ups and downs of life.

It’s during these times we can turn to a yoga hybrid to inspire us. Since a yoga hybrid combines traditional yoga postures with something new, interesting and fun, the end result can spark our curiosity and re-ignite our desire to seek better health.

The Unnata community and our teachers love innovation and experimentation, which may be why Unnata can be found in many countries around the world.

Recently, Russia’s channel 5 news featured Unnata Aerial Yoga along with several other yoga hybrid classes in their article, “Cleansing Your Mind: how yoga helps and why is it so popular?” Some of the combinations are surprising!


And, here’s some bonus footage that didn’t make it into the Russian article. Michelle predicts the next innovation in the evolution of yoga…

There are people who watch the news, and then there are people who make the news. When you spark your own creativity, there’s no telling where your intuition will take you in life, and what you will invent! You don’t have to wind up on television, or cultivate thousands of followers on YouTube/Instagram/Twitter to influence the world you live in, and to be a shining light of positivity for those around you.

Now, go take a yoga class! ;)

See the Russian article on their own site.

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