Prepare Yourself to Take an Aerial Yoga Class (Live or Virtual) Part 1

Congratulations! You’ve just signed up for your first aerial yoga class, or maybe you’ve purchased a home set up. You’re well on your way to feeling amazing.

But, wait! Don’t jump right in before taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the equipment, and some common terms the teacher will use. You don’t want to be lost on your first day, do you? Learn the language of aerial yoga, and you’ll get maximum benefit and enjoyment from the moment you touch the hammock. It’s like making sure you have all your school supplies before heading back to school.

First, determine how you want to hang your hammock.

Next, set your equipment to the correct distance from the floor for your height.

DO use a yoga mat, and set your mat precisely.

Don’t get confused! Learn common terms the teacher will use to guide you through class.

Learn about the “plumb line” – what it is, and why Unnata Aerial Yoga teachers use the term frequently to guide you through a class.

There’s always a learning curve whenever we learn a new sport, or learn how to use a new piece of equipment. If you do just a little preparation before your first class, that learning curve will be shortened, and you’ll progress to confidence in no time at all.

Now, it’s time to enlighten up!

Photo by Thomas Kolnowski on Unsplash

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