Unnata Bed Yoga

Unnata Bed Yoga from Unnata Aerial Yoga on Vimeo.

Explore the Unnata Method of Aerial Yoga in your own home, without the need for a hanging fabric sling. Unnata Yoga founder Michelle Dortignac will guide you through this creative one-hour yoga class using a regular bedroom bed for support.

A NOTE FROM MICHELLE: Your purchase of this video from this page will help support me during this time of Yoga studio closures and workshops/trainings cancellations. If $10 feels like too much for you today, just contact me to find out how you can donate any amount and still gain access to this video. I can be reached at: michelle@aerialyoga.com.

Of course, if you’d like to donate more than $10, just contact me, and I’ll show you how.

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