What Makes Unnata Aerial Yoga Different? It’s the Yoga.

These days there are so many classes out there using the terms “aerial” and “yoga” that it’s hard to tell what you’re getting, exactly. Unnata yoga has always been a true yoga class at its core, and we use the aerial component to compliment the yoga in the class.

The Ingredients of an Unnata Aerial Yoga Class
The Unnata method uses the hammock to inform a traditional hatha yoga practice. Thus, the Unnata method has two categories of ingredients at its core that create the conditions for an authentic Yogic experience:

Category 1: The Unnata Method
The Unnata method has a unique approach to working with the hammock in a class. An Unnata class:

  • Helps students find healthy and neutral spinal alignment using the hammock.
  • Follows the same logic as a traditional Hatha Yoga class plan.
  • Applies a pattern of Relax, Realign, Rebuild in construction of the class plan.
  • Uses the hammock to help students understand how to practice traditional Yoga Asana on the floor when they are not using a hammock.
  • Instructs students to use the floor to stand/sit/lie periodically throughout the class. As a result, students never wrap or climb up the hammock higher than waist-height distance from the floor.

Category 2: Hatha Yoga
The Unnata method uses the hammock to achieve traditional Hatha yoga goals. An Unnata class:

  • Helps students understand how to practice the mechanics of diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Balances or brings to neutral the autonomic nervous system.
  • Helps students understand any or all of the 8 limbs of Astanga Yoga as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, including meditation and ethics.

Unnata Aerial Yoga classes follow at least one of the above points from each category for the majority of the class.

Notice how all of the ingredients above could also be achieved without using a hammock. Yoga has always been in the forefront of the Unnata method, and the aerial hammock is simply a supportive tool to attain yogic goals. This emphasis on Yoga, rather than Aerial is what distinguishes Unnata from many other aerial yoga classes.

2 comments on “What Makes Unnata Aerial Yoga Different? It’s the Yoga.

  1. Dear Michelle, This is a fantastic way to refresh all of us on the foundation that the Unnata method is built upon. Thank you.

  2. This is so true!! Very few aerial yoga studios offer what you do, authentic yoga in an aerial hammock. I do love all aspects of aerial arts, but Unnata Aerial Toga is aerial yoga in its purist form. We need an Unnata Aerial practice here in South Florida!

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