The Unnata Membership

After graduating from the Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher training course, on an annual basis Unnata teachers have the choice to renew their license to teach Unnata Aerial Yoga. The Unnata license is not just calling oneself an “Unnata” aerial yoga teacher, and it’s not simply so that a teacher can keep using the “Unnata” logo, although those are definitely important parts. Maintaining an Unnata license is linked to a membership with an entire community of teachers and of their vast knowledge and various practices that all the Unnata teachers are devoted to developing. Maintaining an Unnata membership is keeping one’s teaching and personal practice relevant and safe, amongst other things.

What does it mean to be an Unnata Member?

The Unnata® Membership is… the beautiful and rich community of Unnata® teachers.

An Unnata Membership gives you access to other Unnata Teachers in the community by way of the Teacher’s Only Facebook group, where teachers have also traveled along the same teacher training path as you have. Since Unnata teachers are serious about their dedication to yoga, they often have expertise in many other aspects of yoga, somatic practices and other aerial related fields. Therefore, the Unnata community is a vibrant resource for rigging safety, injury prevention, rigging/teaching materials, and advice on various situations that may arise during teaching/yogic practices.

The Facebook group is a place where you can safely ask questions, post about upcoming events, read the latest Unnata blog posts, see new tips and class ideas by Michelle Dortignac herself, as well as have first-hand access to all the latest Unnata news. Being a private group restricted to Unnata Yoga teachers helps ensure only current and accurate information flows from this source. No internet trolls!

The Unnata® Membership is… access to the “Members Only” profile.

The Members Only area of the website is a vast and up-to-date database of inspirational and educational teaching materials to help aid in your growth as a yoga teacher and practitioner. You can access a complete Start-up Kit filled with promotional videos, Unnata pictures and the Unnata logo to help build your online Unnata presence. The Members Only area also offers Method Updates, where refinements and improvements made to the Unnata method are posted. Plus there is a Course Review video where you can go back and easily review content from the Teacher Training course.

The Unnata® Membership is… weekly inspiration.

Each week, we post simultaneously in the Members Only area of the website and the Teachers Only Facebook group (for your convenience) Unnatips and/or Blog posts.
The Unnatips are short videos Michelle creates of new method sequences, short refinements, safety reminders/notes, therapeutic tips, and/or transitional elements to help enhance/inspire your own practice and the classes you teach.

Blog posts are written by Michelle, our own Course Leaders, and seasoned Unnata Aerial Yoga teachers. Topics range from explaining, reframing and describing traditional yogic practices, to challenges that arise while teaching the general public, to topics that our Course Leaders themselves are struggling with. These topics are personal, and are always authentic, sensitive and informative.

The Unnata® Membership is… constant growth.

The Unnata Aerial Yoga leaders and teachers alike are committed to quality and detail. We are all constantly evolving and developing our yoga practice and thus the Unnata Method also grows and develops.

Michelle’s 13 years of Unnata experience, 20+ years and 500 hours of training in traditional yoga, and 17+ years as a professional aerialist has influenced the creation and development of the Unnata Method. Although Michelle may have founded the Unnata method, its continued evolution is also influenced by the Course Leaders and their many years of  training, practice and teaching, coming from 5 different countries, each with their own rich yogic histories.

With constant attention to rigging safety, somatic awareness and yogic traditions, Unnata’s dedication to growing, learning, expanding and thus providing the utmost quality, and our devotion to authentic yoga is quite rare.

The Unnata® Membership is… sponsoring teacher development.

Because we understand the importance of the Unnata® membership, we are committed to keeping the cost of a Basic membership extremely low.

The cost of Basic renewal for an entire year is equal to the price of less than two yoga classes.

BUT, a regular yoga class does not offer:

  • Unlimited questions about that class or method of teaching.
  • A time and place to promote your events.
  • An entire community of colleagues to run ideas/questions by.
  • Continuous tools and inspiration throughout the year for your growth and development.
  • Help with your online presence.

The Unnata Membership provides all of this and so much more.

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