A Yogi’s Understanding of New Year’s Resolutions

The story of the Bhagavad Gita begins on the eve of a great battle. The honorable warrior Arjuna flies over the battlefield with the help of his charioteer Krishna, to survey the situation. Arjuna sees his friends and relatives on one side of the field, ready to fight and slay his friends and relatives on the other side of the field.

Arjuna knows his cause is righteous, and his enemies brought these circumstances on themselves. But victory in battle would mean murdering his own friends and relatives, and the thought weighs heavy on his heart. Struck with compassion for his foes, dismayed and unsure what to do, Arjuna asks advice from Krishna. Forge ahead? Or, quit now, before any bloodshed?

Arjuna’s inner battle reflects a struggle that many of us experience at the dawning of
a new year. Do we forge ahead on our same path with renewed enthusiasm? Or do we alter course and begin afresh with a new direction?

When we’re uncertain of our next steps, we can follow Arjuna’s lead: We begin by listening to our inner guide, spirit or intuition. Then, we set intentions, based on the clear guidance we receive. And finally, we take steps to bring our intentions to life.

This 3-step process is the heart of the Unnata method of aerial yoga – relax, realign and rebuild.

  • Relax. Listen to spirit, receive the answers that come when we soften resistance.
  • Realign. Set an intention. Invite the support that’s needed to identify the next steps.
  • Rebuild. With renewed conviction and purposeful action, take the necessary steps on the path.

Together these 3 steps unify the spirit, mind and body. When our actions are guided by spirit and aligned with our higher intelligence, we radiate Yoga.

Whichever path you follow, the one well worn, or the one not yet traveled – make your decision from your spirit. Then you will know your choice is true. You’ll be inspired, and you’ll inspire others, too.

Good luck in 2019!

About the Author

Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata® Aerial Yoga, is an E-RYT 200 certified Yoga instructor of close to 20 years, while during most of those years also being a professional aerial acrobatics performer. Her most influential Yoga teachers include Dharma Mittra, Alan Finger and Cyndi Lee.  

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