The Importance of Renewing Your Membership

An Open Letter to Unnata Aerial Yoga Teachers:

Thank you so much for having chosen Unnata® Yoga for your Aerial Yoga teacher training. We’re sincerely honored to have you as part of our community of dedicated professional aerial yoga teachers.

Membership Renewal

If you’re reading this, it’s likely been a year since your last renewal (or initial teacher training with membership included), and we’re now inviting you to renew your membership and license to the Unnata Aerial Yoga community for another year.

When you renew your Unnata membership, your participation helps the entire Unnata community grow and prosper. And for yourself, you’ll have access to the continuing support, education, and benefits available to our members such as the Unnata Yoga teachers’ Facebook group (active and frequent discussions from over 200 passionate and experienced Unnata teacher members!), access to educational videos and classes, use of the Unnata brand name and logo in order to distinguish yourself from other generic aerial yoga teachers or techniques and a listing on the Teacher Locator section of the Unnata website. And now, studio owners can renew all of their Unnata teachers’ memberships for a reduced multi-license fee.

See membership renewal page for more details.

The Road Ahead

We’re continuing to expand the support system we’ve created for graduates of Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher training programs, and we’d love for you to continue to contribute to, and benefit from that effort.

In addition to curating the Facebook group just for Unnata Yoga teachers, and promoting you and your classes through the website, we’re adding translations of the website into different languages, creating more advanced and continuing education training courses, supplying reviews and updates of the Unnata Aerial Yoga method, and offering on-line Unnata Aerial Yoga classes.

Importantly, we’re also pursuing and obtaining trademark protection for the Unnata Yoga name in several countries besides the US (including Japan, Russia, China, Brazil, Canada, and the EU), in order to help the global public understand the special difference that is Unnata Yoga.

Our goal is to serve you and all Unnata Yoga teachers as best as possible, so please let us know how your classes have been going, and if there is anything that can be done for you, or if you have any questions or suggestions. Your feedback is invaluable.

Here again is the link to renew your membership:

Thank you again for being a proud member of the Unnata community, and for your continued participation, passion, and support.

Michelle Dortignac
Founder, Unnata Yoga.