Michelle Dortignac and Unnata Yoga Featured in Yoga Journal

Michelle Dortignac and Unnata Yoga have been featured in TWO articles in this month’s edition (July/Aug 2015) of Yoga Journal magazine!

Michelle Dortignac and Unnata Yoga Featured in Yoga Journal

It’s so exciting to see how Aerial Yoga has grown to become a lasting and legitimate example of the many new faces of Traditional Yoga.

For almost 10 years now, Unnata Yoga has strived to remain a true Yoga class at its core — a class which incorporates the use of the silk aerial apparatus to expand and compliment the traditional floor practice.

In the FIRST article, entitled Learn to Fly with Aerial Yoga, Yoga Journal writer Karen Macklin explores the ways in which an Aerial Yoga practice such as Unnata Aerial Yoga can help practitioners “find more length 
in your spine and safe 
in your poses” on the floor.

One of the most important points emphasized by our own Michelle Dortignac, is the way in which Aerial Yoga can support and inform your floor practice. “When a new student drapes over the hammock, in Down Dog, for example, gravity does the work for them,” she says. “The hammock helps with lengthening and creating internal space. Once we give students that feeling in the hammock, they’ll have the memory of what that was like, and take it with them to their floor practice.”

The SECOND article was written by Michelle Dortignac herself — especially for this edition of Yoga Journal magazine.


In The Aerial Yoga Sequence: 9 Poses to Defy Gravity, Michelle takes us through the process for warming up to, and preparing to get into the hip-opening One-Legged King Pigeon Pose.

This article also features Colorado-based Unnata Teacher (and Unnata Teacher Training leader) Raven Clemente demonstrating Michelle’s 9-step sequence for warming up to, and getting into the One-Legged King Pigeon pose.

See full article, and all pictures here. »

aerial-4 aerial_275_15_FNL Raven

(Photos for Yoga Journal by Joe Hancock)

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