Student Series with Marie Chism

Marie Chism and her friend had received coupon books at the Summer Solstice Time Square event. In the booklets, were coupons to Sacred Sounds Yoga. When her friend found the aerial yoga classes ‘with people hanging upside down,’ they decided that they had to try that class.


I have absolutely LOVED the Aerial Yoga classes that I have attended at the Sacred Sounds Yoga Studio with Michelle and Cynthia!! I’ve been able to attend twice a week Aerial Yoga classes, along with other yoga classes at the studio over the past month. Just within this last month, I have really noticed a difference in the way that I am able to open myself up in a pose on the floor because of what I’ve learned in the hammock.

When I first tried Aerial Yoga, I was so intrigued that I just went for the upside down poses and hoped for the best, feeling brave and acrobatic like, so funny looking back. However, after the initial class, and then a class after that, I felt like, Ok, I got this. Then I began to understand the feeling of relaxing the breath and allowing the breath to open your rib cage which then opens your heart/chest. I can breathe so much deeper when I go running in the mornings because of the breath being able to expand through my chest instead of being closed and always feeling like I’m going to hyperventilate.

Since in Aerial Yoga you are concentrated a lot on movement and breathe and putting them together sequentially, I felt my heart blossom open class by class. I can now bind my hands on both sides behind my back!!! :D The way the hammock allows you to open up the chest and hips is so incredibly helpful when you are performing poses on the ground, not to mention feeling amazing!! :) Also, feeling your center on the ground is something huge I learned a lot about in the Aerial Yoga classes. Now when I perform Warrior 2, or even Tree pose, I always think of Aerial yoga and the invisible string connecting to the ground going up to the heavens, kinda like Tai Chi. I think of centering. I am able to do tripod head stand as well now, and keep my legs in the air!

While running and trying to take in deep replenishing breaths, I remember the feeling of hanging in the hammock and feeling the expansion going downward, but imagined that same opening, but upward, and I am able to keep taking these deep replenishing breaths to keep me going. It sounds weird, but it totally works! :DI just LOVE Aerial Yoga and all the amazing benefits it can add to your practice and everyday activities. I want to figure out a way to get a yoga hammock in my house now! hahaha

— Marie Chism

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