Student Series with Diane Tomasi

IMG_1487I spend a lot of time in the air; I love being in the air.  I love climbing, inverting, finding new ways to stretch and to drop into a ‘trick’.

I am an aerialist and a dancer and as fun as it is, my profession is also very hard on my body.

 I look forward to Aerial Yoga classes because I get the thrill of being in the air and of being upside down, while also doing something good for my body and mind.  I can find these awesome moments of relaxation, where the pressure of the silks massage my tired muscles and gravity lengthens the space between my bones.   I can go deeper into a pose that while in ‘ground’ yoga, I didn’t quite understand where my body position should be exactly.  But because the fabric partners with balance and with gravity the choices for body positioning become that much less and it becomes acutely clear where I need to be in the fabric and on the floor.

 What I love most about Aerial Yoga, what I crave when I get the opportunity to take class, is the weightlessness, is hanging two feet above the ground and learning ways to support myself with the fabric and staying there until I forget I’m being supported by the fabric and can just focus on gravity undoing all the compression it normally inflicts onto me on a regular day.  My cranky muscles scream at first and then slowly they begin to relax and open.

 I learn how to stretch areas in my body that I’ve been trying to stretch for months prior, but haven’t been able to go as deeply because my body and the earth just don’t quite fit that perfect way.

 I love the parts where the hammock allows me to shut out the rest of the world and very quietly just be one with my hammock, while cocooned inside with the blue hue from the color of the fabric all around, there is nothing to see, no phone to check, no To Do List to think about.  It’s just me and the fabric, calm, quiet, serene and best of all weightless.

 Though I don’t practice yoga nearly enough, whenever I leave an Aerial Yoga class I always think, “That was amazing!,” and I quietly affirm to myself, “I need to do this more often.”



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