Student Series with Kathleen Stansell

IMG_1477As an aerial silks performer, I was really excited about taking a class that would restore my body’s alignment through the use of the principles of yoga and doing so with an apparatus that I am already familiar. The beginning of this class felt very restorative. We started with some spine stretches, using the silks as a prop to hold our weight against gravity. I enjoyed the leg, arm, and core workout that was happening simultaneously. Sitting upright in butterfly pose felt very relaxing and calming. I look forward to using the strengthening and stretching exercises that were learned in the beginning of class in my own aerial class. Personally, I felt the yoga principles had dissipated in the latter half of class. I would have preferred to continue on with the yogic vocabulary and the gentle flow of yoga with the silks as a tool rather than a focus of strength and muscular toning. Finishing class with meditation was a wonderful way to end my evening and put an ease to my body and mind.


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