Student Series with Michelle Dortignac


This is the start of the ‘Student Series’ where we’re interviewing students of Unnata Aerial Yoga, having them describe their experience within the practice.  How has it impacted and changed their lives?  Of course, first we need to start with the founder, Michelle Dortignac.  Michelle teaches group classes as well as private, one on one, lessons.  She is describing her experience with private sessions below.

If a person is not used to it, it can be quite odd to have someone watching every move you make, and tell you where and when to breathe, which muscles to use, where to look when holding positions, etc.  A person can become quite self-conscious.  Therefore, when I start with new students who are also new to Yoga, I try to help them feel comfortable by cracking jokes and telling stories, getting to know them, etc.  Knowing what is happening for students in their daily lives does also help inform me which Asanas to work on from the perspective of which chakras may be blocked or excessively active.  Because I am very personal with my students, and we are always in an intimate setting (either their apartment or mine), I have to admit that being an entertainer helps them to relax.

With every student who is new to Yoga, classes help them “rediscover” their body, offering renewed control and awareness in the areas of balance, strength, sensitivity, and flexibility.  As a student progresses, the focus of classes shifts from becoming more aware of different areas of the body, to including becoming more aware of our minds – meaning, seeing our thoughts/emotions/opinions, and how our mental activities affect our physical bodies.
–Michelle Dortignac

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