Unnata Advanced Workshops at the Yoga Studio in Campbell, CA

Unnata Aerial Yoga with Michelle Dortignac

Come and “hang” out with Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata Aerial Yoga, to gain a deeper understanding of Unnata Aerial Yoga and moving beyond the basics into some Intermediate and advance Aerial poses.

Jan 22 1:00pm – 5:00pm Unnata Aerial Yoga and Your Chakras
Have you ever felt a jolt, a twitch, or a sudden drop in body temperature while resting in Corpse Pose at the end of your Yoga class? If so, you experienced a movement of Prana (Energy) through what Yogis call the “Energy Body”. In this workshop, we will learn more about the Energy Body and its 7 main intersections called “Chakras”. All students, beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, will be able to feel and understand this subtle side of the Hatha Yoga practice through simple exercises that use the Aerial Yoga hammock.

Jan 22 5:45pm – 6:30pm Donation-based Aerial Performance
Enjoy some light refreshments and attend a donation-based Aerial Yoga Performance by Michelle Dortignac. Not only is Michelle a great Yoga teacher she is an incredible Aerial performer.

Jan 23 1:00pm – 5:00pm Unnata Aerial Yoga – Beyond the Basics
This workshop will focus on Intermediate and Advanced Unnata Aerial Yoga postures. With a slow, methodical progression, we will learn these more physically challenging postures and exercises in a safe manner, even when the fun of the challenge excites us! We will also learn how Intermediate and Advanced Unnata Aerial Yoga postures relate to and support your traditional Yoga practice.

$100 for a single workshop or $185 for both workshops.

Location and Registration for both Workshops:

The Yoga Studio
505 E. Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008

408-634-YOGA (9642)

Register early since size of the class is limited by the number of hammocks.

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