New Yoga Studio Offering Unnata Aerial Yoga in the Bay Area, CA

Thanks to Pik Chu Wong, Unnata Aerial Yoga will soon be taught in the Bay area of California. Pik Chu, like all Unnata Yoga instructors, is a seasoned Yogini and Yoga instructor of her own right. I’m always excited to introduce Unnata to other Yoga teachers, but it is especially flattering when someone with as much teaching experience as Pik Chu embraces the technique.

Pik Chu recently came to New York City to train with me, and graduated from the Unnata Teacher Training program with ease. Now she is opening her own Yoga center in Campbell, CA, and I hope you’ll go check it out! If you know anyone in the Bay Area, be sure to tell them about Pik Chu’s place, called The Yoga Studio. Even though the grand opening is scheduled for October 23, you don’t have to wait. Classes actually begin on September 27.

For more information:
The Yoga Studio
505 E. Campbell Avenue
Campbell, CA
408-534-YOGA (9642)

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