Frommer’s Travel Guide: Unnata Aerial Yoga – One of New York City’s Best Yoga Studios

We’re thoroughly thrilled! Frommer’s Travel Guide has listed Unnata Aerial Yoga as one of New York City’s Best Yoga Studios!

Unnata Aerial Yoga is in some good company in the Frommer’s guide, being featured alongside such greats as Laughing Lotus Yoga, Dharma Yoga Center (Michelle takes classes at Dharma’s), Jivamukti Yoga, OM Yoga (Michelle received her Yoga training at OM), Kula Yoga Project, Integral Yoga Institute, and Virayoga.

Frommer’s’ Melinda Quintero says…

Unnata Aerial Yoga - one of NYC's Best Yoga Studios
Unnata Aerial Yoga - one of NYC's Best Yoga Studios

Take the L train one stop into Brooklyn on a Tuesday night or a Saturday afternoon for Michelle Dortignac’s Aerial Yoga, a unique hybrid of yoga and aerial dance. Dortignac blends basic aerial acrobatics with yoga to give students a deeper stretch, powerful core exercises, and a weightless yet fully supported inversion.

The article also mentions that there are over 300 yoga studios in NYC, compared to only 170 Starbucks.

Grande Yogaccino anybody?

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