Unnata Aerial Yoga Featured on MSN’s Practical Guide to Healthier Living

MSN Health & Fitness, along with KASHI Whole Grain Cereals is featuring Unnata Aerial Yoga on their new Healthy Living portal over at HealthyLiving.MSN.com!

MSN has created The Practical Guide to Healthier Living as “a resource for inspiring videos, articles, recipes and more to help you live your best life.”

On a crazy-rainy day in late March, a small film crew came to Willamsburgh to film one of the Saturday Aerial Yoga classes for a short video feature on the Healthy Living website. Afterward, the studio was transformed into a small TV set, as they recorded a series of questions and answers with Michelle and a few of the Aerial Yoga students. (See pictures below.) To compliment the video feature, Michelle provided a written article for inclusion on the feature page.

The result is a fabulous short video about Unnata Aerial Yoga that can be seen over at the MSN Healthy Living website. While you’re there, make sure to read Michelle’s article, “The Opposite of Effort.”

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